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What is a Pearl?
Do you wonder what a pearl is and how a pearl is made?
List of Distributors
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Akoya Pearls
Pinctada Matensii is a cultured saltwater pearl that comes primarily from Japan and China.
White South Sea Pearls
These pearls are cultivated in warmer climates, in saltwater oceans, primarily off the coast of Australia.
Black Tahitian Pearls
These pearls are also cultured South Sea pearls, primarily from the French Polynesian Islands.
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What is a Pearl?

  • A Pearl is the only precious gem that comes from a living creature.
  • Saltwater Cultured Pearl is stimulated by the insertion of a nucleus made from a mussel shell found in the Mississippi River and a piece of mantle tissue inserted into the gonad of an oyster. Concentric layers of calcium carbonate and aragonite bonded together by conchiolin produce the nacreous coating.
  • Birthstone for the month of June.
  • First gem in recorded history.
  • Traditionally the appropriate adornment of a bride.

Grading Pearls

The categories are weighted as follows:

Color 10%
Shape 15%
Lustre 25%
Nacre 25%
Blemishes 20%
Matching 5%

Size and length of pearls are also factors in pricing. All Akoya cultured pearl strands have a 1/2mm tolerance variation in uniform size necklaces.

Evaluating & Buying Pearls

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