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What is a Pearl?
Do you wonder what a pearl is and how a pearl is made?
List of Distributors
This is a complete list of Pearl distributors on the web.
Akoya Pearls
Pinctada Matensii is a cultured saltwater pearl that comes primarily from Japan and China.
White South Sea Pearls
These pearls are cultivated in warmer climates, in saltwater oceans, primarily off the coast of Australia.
Black Tahitian Pearls
These pearls are also cultured South Sea pearls, primarily from the French Polynesian Islands.
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Welcome to

International Cultured Pearls

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The objective of this web page is to teach the average consumer how to judge pearls. You will find descriptions of different types of pearls along with evaluation techniques for corresponding pearls. Finally, you will be able to locate a pricing guide for you to use as reference material while shopping for pearls.



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Tahiti Pearls



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